Eliminate Pain & Release Tension.

    Mend Repetitive Strain Injuries.

    Reverse Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.









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    Myofascial Health Philosophy



    Myofascia (connective tissue) surrounds and pervades the muscles and tissues of the entire body. When myofascia is subject to repetitive motion, strain, overuse or misuse, it can become tight, hard and shortened. Myofascia in this state often causes or contributes to the onset of pain and lack of range of motion. By stretching the body’s myofascia in specific ways, it can be loosened and lengthened. This deep myofascial stretching alleviates pain, restores mobility and aids in the healing of repetitive motion injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. 



    Myofascial Health Services



    At Myofascial Health we use a system of myofascial release called the Rossiter System. We apply various techniques from the Rossiter System that stretch, relax and lengthen the myofascia (connective tissue) and muscles of the body. Sessions take the form of static pressure combined with dynamic stretching. Pressure is applied to various points on the body while the clients is instructed to move in particular motions. This highly effective method results in stretching, lengthening and loosening of tight, bound myofascia.


    Myofascial Health Clients



    At Myofascial Health we focus primarily on the alleviation of pain and the restoration of mobility or range of motion in our clients. We see people with all types of aches and pains, from the tip of the toe to the top of the head. We work with a wide range of issues, but also specialize in working with issues of the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders & neck. Common conditions include carpal tunnel syndrome (and its precursors), trigger finger, tennis elbow, tech neck and almost any repetitive strain or motion injury.




    Eliminate Pain


    Our technique addresses tight muscles and dysfunctional connective tissue, a root causes of pain.


    Prevent RSI’s


    We specialize in working with repetitive strain/motion injuries (RSI’s) like carpal tunnel syndrome, and their prevention.


    Heal Past Issues


    Get rid of chronic pain resulting from years of impeded motion and overuse.


    Restore Mobility


    Increase your range of motion by stretching bound-up tissue, thereby restoring mobility.

    Experience the Benefits of the Rossiter System!

    Success Stories

    I can’t say enough about Rob!! I’ve had three sessions with him so far and the results continue! The carpal tunnel like pain I’ve had in my right wrist is completely gone! My headaches are almost gone, and I’m more pain free than I have been in a really long time. If you have wrist pain…or any pain for that matter…check this place out! The results are amazing!

    Sita C.

    Alternative Health Practitioner

    I’ve worked for a grocery store for the past 5 years. I’m always lifting stuff, using my hands, and generally straining my body. So, it’s no surprise that I developed pain in my left wrist and knots in my shoulders and neck. I tried a few different things until I came across Rob and Myofascial Health (recommended by a friend). After just 2 sessions my wrist is totally better!! No more dull ache or gnawing pain. The technique feels like a really deep stretch to your forearm. It can be intense, but I never felt like it was too much and Rob always checked in about the level of pressure. I highly recommend Rob if you have pain in your wrists or arms.

    Lisa B.

    Assistant Store Team Leader

    When playing basketball, I noticed some weakness and pain in my left wrist as well as tightness in the forearm. This would last several days after playing. So I went to see Rob if he could help. Rob was extremely warm, friendly, and inviting. He was able to pinpoint what was happening and explained his technique in terms that I could understand. I felt more understood and taken care of because he seemed to listen carefully and answer all the questions that I had.

    The session went smoothly and after the treatment, I felt a noticeable difference. The soreness, tightness, and weakness dramatically decreased. The severity of pain has not come back since seeing him. With such great results, I’m looking forward to Rob working on some of my other areas as well.

    So not only was the treatment effective but Rob comes with a presence that is very knowledgeable, caring, and in integrity.

    Kirk A.