Rossiter System Myofascial Release


    Release Your Connective Tissue & Muscles


    Rossiter System techniques work by deeply stretching out overly tight muscle and connective tissue.

    At Myofascial Health our services are focused on the alleviation of pain and the restoration of mobility or range of motion throughout the body. We do this by employing a highly effective method of myofascial release called the Rossiter System. Sessions at myofascial health take the form of static calibrated foot pressure applied to various points on the body while the clients is instructed to move in particular ways. This “pin and stretch” technique result is relaxed, lengthened muscle and connective tissue with a body that has increased mobility and reduced or eliminated pain.


    We work with with pain and mobility issues of the whole body, but specialize in working with issues of the fingers, hands, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck. Some issues common to our clientele are: repetitive strain/motion injuries (carpal, cubital and radial tunnel syndromes), trigger finger, tennis elbow, shoulder pain / tension, tech neck, headaches and migraines, low back pain, sciatica, hip pain, tight quadriceps and hamstrings, knee pain, calf pain, ankle and foot pain and plantar fasciitis.


    Our services are most beneficial to individuals with issues related to tension and overuse of a particular body part. These are issues like repetitive strain injuries and tight dysfunctional muscles and connective tissue. Conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome are a good example. However, pain issues resulting from a tear, the compromising of structure, or over extension of an appendage would benefit from a different healing modality. Aside from that limitation, we can help you.

    Rob Bredsteen

    Rob Bredsteen

    Myofascial Therapist

    Rob is the owner and operator of Myofascial Health. He is a Rossiter Coach and CAMTC certified body-worker, practicing repetitive motion injury focused bodywork for over 10 years. Rob’s current method of working with repetitive motion injuries (a.k.a repetitive strain injuries) draws from his personal experience healing from his own repetitive motion injury, his work with clients, his 750 hours of training, and his study of the Rossiter System. Additionally, Rob holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and has worked in the aerospace industry as an engineer by trade. Outside of work he utilizes traditional systems of holistic healing and wellness. He enjoys helping people heal from repetitive motion injuries, regain their mobility and live pain free lives.